SSOAD: My Mini Traveler


When Matt and I travel there is a limit to how many bags we can bring. Any girl that travels knows we can’t leave home without packing our whole closet. You never know what mode you’ll be in when you get there or if the weather will change. I would spend hours trying to fold my clothes so that they would lay flat and not get wrinkled, however I never had enough room. Finally I started having Matt pack my bags when we travel. How he would fit all my clothes into a duffle, I do not know. But I do know is that when we get to our destination, my clothes would be so wrinkled! I would panic!

Then I came across The My Little Steamer GO Mini from Bed Bath and Beyond. You would have thought I struck gold when I found this little mini. I have learned that this item would be my best travel buddy! It fits in my purse, carry-on or suitcase. It even comes with a cute duster bag. The best part… IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC! It’s amazing! My clothes come out looking fresh and ready to party! IMG_0048IMG_0053Shop some other Mini Travelers


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