My Top 10 Travel Secrets + Tips

Tis the season of travel! Have you been dreaming about jetting off into a winter wonderland or laying on a sandy beach somewhere? Today I am sharing a few of my tried and true travel secrets! Things that make packing, travel and your vacation a little be more fun and relaxing! My list could go on for days, however I narrowed it down to my top 10 secrets!


1. Spray the inside of the suitcase + your clothes! (Same Spray) (Tory Burch, Original) –  This is something I started doing along time ago, and now my husband does it as well! When you spray the inside of your suitcase prior to putting your clothes in, it gives the frangrance a chance to absorb into the suitcase! Then I spray each article of clothing individually. That way each article will have your signature scent! Once you arrive to your destination and open your suitcase you will be ready to rock n’ roll!

2. Pack a snack – You never know how long you may be waiting and your tummy may not want to wait any longer! My favorite travel snack… Hot Cheetos!

3. Always have a smile! –  You never know who you are going to bump into! Remember, these airport workers are seeing people all day and they are grateful to see happy people.. plus, you never know who has an upgrade to offer!

img4. Stay Hydrated (Starbucks Cup) – Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  This will help you to acclimate to a new climate much faster as well as help to prevent any swelling that may occur with climate change as well.  Might as well travel and drink in style!

5. Pass on your finished magazines to the flight attendants! – If you are anything like me you stock up on tons of “trash mags” to help you get through what can seem like forever!


6. Bring a smell from home (Diptyque Candle) – One thing that I have always done when I travel, is bring a candle or room spray that smells like home. ( I learned this from my dad ) It makes your getaway feel more cozy!

7. Mophie phone case (My gold Mophie case) – I was the first in line when these phone cases came out! I know they are a little pricey, but they are a life saver, especially when traveling! In a real emergency or a photo emergency, Mophie’s got your back!

8. A good light read (Shopaholic to The Stars)- We get so excited about going away, however there is a lot of dead time too! A good book is always a good idea to pass time! We get lost in the moment and before you know it, everyone is ready to go!

IMG_74169. Get your favorite products in a sample size! – This will make packing a lot easier! You can toss them when you’re done or bring them back home to refill for the next trip!

10. Enjoy! – Make sure to be present and enjoy every moment of every day, because it will be over before you know it! And these are the memories you look back on and cherish forever!

Happy + Safe Travels this season!


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