Green Goo This Spring Break


I’ve got one thing on my mind… SPRING BREAK! This is my favorite time of year other than Christmas of course! I love nothing more than shopping all the new summer trends and picking out new locations to feel the warm sun. What girl doesn’t love getting her tan on!

However, it’s important that we take care of our skin daily. As I get older I am starting to see the side effects of being Italian and tanning quickly. I am not one to wear sunscreen normally. So when I came across the Green Goo Everyday Travel Pack, I knew taking care of┬ámy skin/lips on vacation wouldn’t be so hard. Their travel pack┬ácontains Sierra Sage Herbs Everyday Salve products. Includes both lip balms (Citrus Zest and Cool Mint) and a 1 oz. tin of each Everyday Salve (Repair (Aloe-E), Dry Skin Care, and Green Goo). The best part is I can keep it all in my purse or carry on because it meets carry on standards.

Did I mention their company is based out of Idaho?!!! No wonder I love their products so much! Regardless of where you’re off to this season, you will be good to go with your Green Goo!

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