Wednesday Wants: Home Edition #2


Happy Hump Day – Your surroundings are key to your productivity and mood. This is especially key in your office where most of us spend quite a bit of time. Your office must be somewhere where you feel at peace and confident so you can do your best work. Inspiration is also very important.  I always have a candle burning, flowers, and a picture of the hubs and I on my desk. When the room smells good, and looks clean I work better! With that being said, I am redoing my entire office again! I love black, however change is never a bad thing and I feel it’s time to lighten things up. Every time I walk into my dads office there is always something new or different. Whether the desk has been moved or there is a new picture. He says it keeps things alive and new. I love that!  So that’s what I am doing. Here are a few of my new picks. Whats your must have office item?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.38.47 PM

Rug | Candle | Envelope Holder | Clipboard | Plant (similar) | Chair | Desk | Throw (similar) | Pillow| Pen Holder | Frame


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