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How many of you are as obsessed with Target as I am? When I heard about #Targetmademedoit I knew it was something I had to share with all of you! I have been following Target Made Me Do It for a few months now on Instagram and I can’t get enough. This past week they launched their website (here). Check it out when you can! There is no other “Target” website like it!

WHAT IS TARGET MADE ME DO IT: “Target Made Me Do It… where community and creativity mingle, with a dose of humor and a whole lot of love for all things Target. Created for the every day “must go to Target” addict who knows without a shadow of a doubt that if you need it, Target has it. We buy into the theory that you can never exit Target with just one thing and you often go in for milk and leave with things you didn’t even know you needed, but maybe not the one thing you came for. Anyone tracking with us?

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Since Target runs are always more fun when you share it with friends, we want to invite you to join our Target community. We’ll show you recipes, DIYs, tutorials, and roundups of our favorite Target products while keeping you up to date on the must know Target news.

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If you have an addiction to Target like us, join our community by tagging your social media posts #targetmademedoit for a chance to be featured. Also, check out our community page, meet other Target fanatics and see what they are finding in the One Spot, sales racks, all the racks(!!) and how they’re using the products in stylish and creative ways.”

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