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Preparation and baby go hand in hand.  When it comes to preparing for your bundle of joy to arrive we automatically focus on things like, what stroller are we going to use or what colors are we going to use in the nursery.  Although these are fun and you have a million options, there are several other things which need focus as well.

My pregnancy has truly been a blessing to my husband and I and we couldn’t be more excited for her to arrive.  However, we both realized we needed to start to focus a bit more on the health and wellness aspect of her arrival rather than the adorable baby clothes. I recently had the opportunity to partner with Kaiser Permanente and explore a bit more about getting truly ready for her arrival.  Over the next few months i am going to be exploring topics, such as baby wellness and prep, C- Section vs. Natural Birth, After Baby, etc.

Kaiser Permanente has looked to develop and simplify the medical process which includes your birth plan and all the steps along the way to transition you in to this new chapter in your life.  For them quality and coordination is key, with everything from baby prep classes all the way up to the big day and beyond.


My husband and I had the opportunity to attend an Infant Safety and CPR class.  This was a must as I have had an individual close to me save her infants life with proper CPR training.  This is preparation many pass up but is very important and I am thankful Kaiser Permanente has chosen to make this part of their curriculum for pregnant and new parents.  The initial class  we attended covered four topics.  Car Seat Safety, Household Safety, Drowning Prevention and Infant CPR and choking.


Did you know the force of a car crash at 30 mph to an infant is like falling from a three story building.  Properly installing and adjusting your car seat can prevent things like permanent brain damage and epilepsy.

IMG_4311During the Household Safety portion of the class we reviewed things like the babysitters checklist, harmful products, First Aid Kits and much much more.

Drowning Prevention was the third topic covered in this class.  In this portion of the class we learned about the necessary steps to keep kids safe in and around the pool.


The last portion of the class was dedicated to Infant CPR and Choking.  Even if you are CPR certified it is never a bad idea to brush up on your training.  This class could be the difference for you and your family.  Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is half the battle.  This class allows you to do hands on training with a trainer and a dummy to prepare you for the unexpected.


All and all this class is a must.  This class gets you on your way to truly preparing for what is most important in your child’s life,  his or her safety and well being.

Other Classes for Pregnant and New Parents Include:

-Having a Healthy Pregnancy

-Prepared Childbirth

-Maternity Tour

-Breastfeeding with Success

-Baby Care Basics

-Infant Safety & CPR

-AAA Child Passanger Safety

-Boot Camp for New Dads

-Boot Camp for New Moms

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