TBT To My First Dooney & Bourke


The first time I was able to take my daughter to South Coast Plaza and do some shopping, my mind wandered and thought, if she turns out anything like me, we are going to be spending a lot of time in this place.  I know it sounds somewhat odd but I have a few very fond memories of shopping with my Dad when I was young.  Young like 13, but hey Im trying to start Harper early.   Every year for Christmas my dad takes me on a “Daddy/Daughter Shopping Date Day.” This is a day where he and I go and do what we do best. Shop, eat, drink and shop some more! As it was the Christmas season I was able to pick out my Christmas Gift on this day as well, because my Dad already knew better than to try and pick that out himself.  The days of Barbie Dolls and Big Wheels were long gone and handbags and shoes were here to stay.

When I was about 15 years old I had the audacity to tell my Mom and Dad that I wanted a designer handbag to take to school.  To me that made total sense.  I mean, what better way to carry my school ID, a few bucks, and some pens and pencils.  Totally logical, and way better than a backpack.  Backpacks were so 14 and I wasn’t in middle school anymore.  Needless to say, the response I received was not the one I wanted.  I was 15 and needed a fun and hip bag that matched my JanSport High Stakes Backpack, duh! After asking multiple times and being shut down multiple times, I figured it was never going to happen and this girl started school bagless.

So, December rolls around and it’s Daddy/Daughter Date Day. I am thinking that we were going to do our usual, eat, shop and eat some more. However, when we got to South Coast Plaza, my dad said, “Where is that hand bag you wanted?” My heart sank, and I got super nervous and mumbled “Dooney and Bourke.” I remember walking in to the store and looking around in amazement. When I saw the Lindsey Lohan Alphabet Star Charm Satchel, I felt like I just found my treasure. I know what you are all thinking and yes Mean Girls just came out and Lindsey Lohan hadn’t gone off the deep end just yet.  Don’t judge! In the mean time he kept picking up other bags and saying “How about this bag?” “This one is cool!” “This one has a long strap!” After telling him over and over again that I thought the bags he picked were nice, but I had my heat set on the Alphabet Star Charm Satchel. To a 15 year old girl the suspense was high. He said “Ok, that’s the one you really want?” I said “YES!” Without hesitation he told the nice lady behind the counter “We’ll take it.” I couldn’t believe it! I felt like a princess.

Needless to say, I was so excited to go back to school after winter break and rock my new Dooney and Bourke! From then on out the tradition continued. I have 5 Dooney and Bourke bags that all hold special places in my heart. As I got older and started cleaning out my closets I thought about selling them or giving them to my little sister. However, something inside of me said hold on to them. So I did. I wrapped them up and put them away for safe keeping. I always tell my Dad and Matt that when they buy me a pair of shoes or a purse they are saving money and investing in Harpers future!

This last week I thought it would be fun to pull out a few of my bags for Harper to see. Her reaction was priceless, I think I may have a mini me on my hands! I am so glad I saved them, and soon I will be able to tell her that Grandpa bought Mommy this bag, and now you get to use it!

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Do you have any special memories with Dooney and Burke? Or do you remember when you got your first handbag? Share it below, I would love to hear your story! Thanks for reading!

Photos By bleudogfotography


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