Pre-Thanksgiving Brunch with GlobeIn

071A5212Ti’s the season of being Thankful! This year, instead of hosting a Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner I decided to host a Pre-Thanksgiving Brunch. Brunch has always been one of my favorite meals so when my GlobeIn dishes arrived, I knew exactly what I would do! I used the Deep Bowl for a fruit salad, the Platter for bagels, and the Large Pitcher as a vase! I also had fun when it came to mixing metals, colors and patterns! 071A5215071A5251 071A5289071A5233 071A5300 071A5306071A5218

How are you going to decorating your table this year? Do you have any fun traditions/techniques? I would love read below!

One tradition we have is spending Thanksgiving in Idaho, so we host a fun little family gathering before we leave. You can follow along on Instagram! One of Harper’s first words was “COW” and she finally got to see a real one… her reaction was priceless!

You can shop my GlobeIn Pieces here: Deep Bowl | Platter | Large Pitcher

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Photos By bleudogfotography

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