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071A1704T’is the season to try something new! I mean hello, it’s a New Year! Thanks to BabbleBoxx  Harper and I received their new Baby on Board Toolkit for new moms! ( I’m kind of still a new mom, right?) Anyway, I am always game to try something new if it’s going to save me time, money and hassle with a one and half year old! With that said lets dive in to our BabbleBoxx ToolKit!



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Calling all moms out there! I have a question! Has your kid gone through a tossing phase? Because mine is! Harper is 1.5 and has no problem throwing whatever is in site! She looks at the object, looks at me, winds up and off it goes with a huge smile on her face. This chick knows she’s not supposed to be throwing anything …. Recently I discovered the Oball baby rattle that came in the BabbleBoxx! This will definitely be a gift I get for my future momma friends! This easy to grasp sensory toy has become a problem solver! Well, not for the throwing, but the outcome of what she hits when she throws it! It’s light weight, makes noise and is fun to play with and most of the time I can catch it before it lands! YIKES! For more on Oball products you can click here.


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Breakfast is served! When it comes to Baby Cereal or Baby Oatmeal I like to know that I am feeding Harper the absolute best! Even though Harper is past the Baby Cereal stage, she still enjoys her breakfast options and Baby Oatmeal is still a big contender! I had never tried this brand so I was excited to test it out on Harper. Needless to say she loved it and so did Daddy! Now that she is a little older I like to add fruit to her oatmeal to add some taste and texture. One of the things I like about Beech Nut, is that you can tell they put some thought in to their packaging! It has easy-pour spout and curved grip that helps prevent spilling and my favorite is the built-in measuring cap that makes portioning a snap! Oh and its ultra-portable, fits in your bag with out a problem! To get your hands on some Beech Nut, click here.

Offer: Save $1.50 on any 2 Beech-Nut cereal canisters | Coupon link:


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Time to wipe out the old and bring in the new! In 2017, Bloom Baby was voted the number one Sensitive Baby Wipe, which is amazing! However, I have never heard of this brand until recently so I had to test it out myself. I did some research and packed away my other wipes to give these sensitive skin wipes a try! Best part is they are Jumbo in size! I mean hello! What a great IDEA! We buy Jumbo Rolls for ourselves so why not? LOL. Anyway, I was excited to see if I would use less wipes being that they were jumbo… and sure enough when Harper delivered a “HarpBomb,” Bloom Baby made the clean up a lot easier! Bloom Baby also offeres something that other wipes don’t, a unique textured surface that helps clear instead of smear! Welcome to mom life, where the little things excite you! To find out more about Bloom Baby, click here.


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WHAT! Something for me! Ah, you shouldn’t have! Since having Harper, all the goodies go to her! But not with BabbleBoxx! They included some Vichy Skin Care goodies that I couldn’t wait to try. If you know me, I swear by my Beauty Counter products, but was up to try something new! That night, after my shower I put on the Mineral 89 and Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream. From there on out I used the hydrating Mineral 89 and the Aquaria Thermal Face Moisturizer together for a week. You can’t test a product in one day, there is no way! I really enjoyed the smell of the product and the feel of the product on my face. A lot of times when I layer up, my face has a tendency to get very oily and I HATE THAT feeling! I did see a change in my face, so I think I might add these two products in to my skin care rotation! I would 100% recommend this product to friends and family! If you’re interested in trying it out for your self click here and use the code below to get the special offer!

Offer: 20% off and Free Shipping Offer Live: 1/16/2018-2/28/2018


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