Living In Style With Alyssa Lynn Denny was created by Alyssa in March of 2014 and was developed as a creative avenue to allow Alyssa to share fashion, family, travel + lifestyle!

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About Me:

-Jesus is Lord over my life!

-I am obsessed with everything and anything pumpkin. Yes, I even have pumpkin shampoo and conditioner. Oh, and garlic french fries too!

-I love fireworks and lights. They always bring an automatic smile to my face.

-I met my husband when I was 16 years old, 8 years later we married in Cabo San Lucas!

-I will write something down even if I have already done it for the satisfaction of crossing it off my list.

-If I find a pair of shoes, a purse or a t-shirt that I like and it comes in multiple colors, I will buy them all.

-I bite my nails like a mad women, I even try to bite my acrylics ( I got acrylics at 12 years old to help me stop biting and have had them ever since)

-I have to sleep with all the covers over me, but love the room ICE COLD!

-I listen to Christmas music year round  (everyone that knows me, knows this is 100% true)

-Victoria Beckham is my style icon and I love that she always has her family at her side. I also love Rachel Zoe and Kate Hudson!

-I am a Sunday School Teacher and I love every minute of it!

-I have had a Disneyland Pass since I was 10 years old.

-My first concert was the Spice Girls (Maybe this is where the VB love started?!)

-I don’t own a pair of solid white socks. I only have holiday/themed socks.

-I was an extra in the Steve Jobs movie