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the12 Movement

Have you ever been so busy before you work out that you A) Forget to eat or B) Grab the first thing in sight? Well if you could see me now, I am raising my hand to both of these. Before I worked out I always grabbed a granola bar and a bottled water and […] Read more…


There She Glows

A few weeks ago I visited Fernanda at The Gallery Of Cosmetics and let me tell you, I walked out feeling amazing. I have been seeing Fernanda for the past few years and thanks to her my skin is in tip top shape. Being pregnant, I was nervous about how my skin would react to all the […] Read more…

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The Best Of OC in 2015

As I look back, 2015 offered so many new and amazing experiences. One of the coolest parts about being a blogger is that you never know what email or phone call you will  receive next. Opportunities to parter with brands and companies  you never heard of or never dreamed of working with! With that being […] Read more…

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Holiday Gifts and Glam

Happy Holidays Glow Getters.  For some of you, Hanukkah is just ending today.  I hope it was a blessed time full of family and friends, and lots of glam gifts of course!  There are only 11 days left until Christmas, and if you’re like me, you still have at least a few people left to […] Read more…


Cyber-Monday Beauty Steal & Deals By Fernanda

Happy Holidays Glow-Getters.  Let me get straight to the point: IT’S FRICKIN CYBER-MONDAY!  I’m losing my gosh darned mind!  Today is all the things I love rolled into one.  I can A) SHOP, for crazy B) DISCOUNTS, and do it all C) BRALESS!  Hallelujah!  Read below to see my best picks.  I’ve spent countless hours […] Read more…

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How To Transition Your Skin By Fernanda

Fall has finally hit Orange County!  Temps are getting chilly, nights are coming sooner, and our skin is getting dryer.  Yikes!  Just because the red cups are here, doesn’t mean our complexion has to match.  Check out some very important skin-don’ts and skin-do’s for transitioning into Winter beautifully. DON’TS: No hot water on your face! […] Read more…

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