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Casual Chic

Summer is here, and the one color I can’t live without this season (or any other season) is orange! I feel like orange has truly become my neutral color. I used to be afraid of color and stick to just black and white. But having a little girl has opened a door and I must […] Read more…


I Like My Money Where I Can See It

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Handbags … and that’s kind of the same thing.” The term “lightly used” when buying something sight unseen has always frightened me especially when you are shelling out a sizable amount of your hard earned money. ┬áTrendlee has definitely taken the fear out of this experience for […] Read more…


The Living In Style OC Shoe

I have a secret that I am going to share with all of you. There is a store in Palm Springs called Palm Springs Lush. It’s the famous “$16.00” store. This is my one stop shop for fun and quick outfits. I picked up this dress and necklace on my┬álast visit. I knew they would […] Read more…