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The Light House Cafe

The beach is my happy place without question! When Matt and I went to Light House Cafe NB I quickly fell in love. When you walk towards the marina, you walking into this big glass lighthouse! It’s awesome! Once inside you have tons of natural light shining through and fun beach decor. Matt and I decided to sit outside […] Read more…

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Del Frisco’s Grille

Del Friscos Grille doesn’t just provide you with good food. It provides you with an eclectic mix of tastes which overwhelm and please your taste buds bite after bite. My husband and I have had the opportunity to visit Del Frisco’s multiple times and have yet to be disappointed. Katie, the manager of Del Frisco’s […] Read more…


Life’s A Beach With Kameleonz

The Kameleonz “Surf” Sunglass Set I LOVE these glasses and the name, because they are just that, Kameleonz! I got the “Surf ” sunglass set and have been wearing them all summer long ! (click here for more photos) The set comes with 3 different color side arms which you can dress up or down depending […] Read more…