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Lily Jade, WHAT!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, get that new mom something she can use everyday! I know that once I found out I was pregnant with Harper, it was hard to find a diaper bag that looked clean and classy that didn’t break the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the fun patterns and […] Read more…


It’s A Girl

When Matt and I found out we were pregnant I was so excited! The wheels in my head started turning… ” How can we announce… How can we share the news… What kind of party can we have…”  There was no questions that we would have a Gender Reveal Party. If you know me, you know […] Read more…


Today, 4 Years Ago

4 Years Ago TODAY (February 16, 2012)  Valentines was over and I thought, “is he ever going to get on one knee!!!!” Mind you I’d been waiting 6 LONG YEARS! My family and I along with Matt were all in Vegas for the weekend. One night Matt, my brother and I were walking the strip […] Read more…